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A microgame of renegade cheesemakers and bold inspectors

The Mysterious Cheese Plague
It’s 1807, and a mysterious disease has been plaguing Napoleonic France, cutting down young and old alike. The Emporer banned a Dutch cheese, believing it was the cause of the outbreak. You are one of a few brave cheesemongers who culture it in secret and sustain the black market. Can you hide your cheese from the Inspector?

Game Overview
In Hide the Havarti, players are Fromagers (French cheesemakers), working to hide cheese from snooping Inspecteurs. Each round, the inspecteur tries to find the pieces of cheese hidden in the house. But the fromagers are rush about, moving the cheese from place to place, trying to keep ahead of the inspecteur. Each player acts as inspecteur twice in this fast-paced game of memory, deduction, and illicit cheese.

In Development
Hide the Havarti is currently in development, being playtested toward a wider release from Rattlebox Games.  To learn more about the game, check out the rules or download our Print-and-play set.  If you print and play the game, please let us know how it went!