As part of the community activity for our CROMLECH Kickstarter, we’re asking our backers and fans to help determine which four factions will appear in the game.  The voting will occur in two rounds, as follows:

  • Oct 23rd – begin voting on the first block of five factions. Top two move on to the final round.
  • Oct 26th – second block of five factions. Top two move on to the final round.
  • Oct 30th – third block of five factions. Top two move on to the final round.
  • Nov 2nd – Voting round 1 on the backer-generated faction – ONLY BACKERS CAN VOTE
  • Nov 6th 8th- Voting showdown for top 3 of the six top picks – ONLY BACKERS CAN VOTE
  • Nov 11th – Voting round to select the backer-generated faction. – ONLY BACKERS CAN VOTE

Here are the first five factions to choose from.  Remember that the top two vote-getters will move on to the next round of voting:

Prince Onfroi of Geldes Prince Onfroi of Geldes – (royal contender)

This distant cousin of King Alwan spent his life in Geldes waiting for his chance at a crown.  Now that Draig rages with war, he has come across the Severing Sea with his army, his dragon knights, and his druids to try his hand for the throne.

Dragon Egg Merchants Guild Dragon Egg Merchants – (commerce faction)

These men and women have gone from being merely wealthy and powerful to being obscenely wealthy and disturbingly powerful by supplying steeds to the awesome and terrible dragon knights on all sides of this battle for succession. Many in the land wonder just why this merchants guild needs its own army and cabal of druids.

Marquess Idwal, Master of Brynodan Marquess Idwal – (military faction)

This former Commander of The Steel Circle (Alwan’s royal guards) and Master of Brynodan (Draig’s military college) leads her forces under King Alwan’s banner, claiming she wants to hold the throne for Alwan’s rightful heir–though competing claims to that title bewilder even the wisest scholars. She’s respected by the royalty, the military and the people.

The Broken Shell Broken Shell – (popular faction)

This poverty cult has nameless leaders and no clear central location.  Its cultists believe all the ills of the world spring from the unnatural alliance of humans and dragons. They seek to kill all dragons and upend any political groups built on them.

The Kingdom of Dwrn-ia The Kingdom of Dwrn-ia – (foreign faction)
Draig’s Neighbor to the north, the fragile peace between these two lands has only been maintained by a strip of treacherous mountains and the strength of Draig’s throne. Only one of these is still in place, and every day raids from Dwrn-ia become more bold.

This poll will close Friday morning, October 30th.

Have your own idea for a faction for CROMLECH? Go to the Cromlech page, back us if you haven’t done so yet, and post a comment in the comment sections of one of the voting updates. (Even if you haven’t decided to get the game yet, you could back for $1 to participate in the voting!)