In CROMLECH, 2-4 players become druids in the Kingdom of Draig, fighting for their Liege’s glory.  They build stone circles (cromlechs), then roll elemental dice to defend those circles and attack other players.  At the end of 12 turns, the player who has done the most damage to opponents’ circles and druids wins.


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In October and November of 2015, these amazing people backed our project on Kickstarter, and for that we’re very grateful.  This list is a small token of our appreciation. Thanks, everyone!

First Fifty – these intrepid souls jumped in with both feet right away. We thank you!

ThomasDN Martin ‘WolfeN’ Sugianto Dantra the Diminutive Narwhal Jockey
Mary Riley Paul Booth The Board Game Show
Katie Booth Steve & Vicki Baylus Anne Davis
Matt Perschnick Matthew Rossi Pam
Cathlena Martin Pompa Rolfe Bergstrom
Nancy Jones Miller Starrion Scott Mullins
Alexander Gruber Jay Huber Matthew Laitala
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Kris Stokes Jon Marcus Sarah Jolie
Greg Principato Saar Shai Edo
Floodgate Games Anonymous Phil
Neal Bailey Jason & Kim Carpenter John Rose
Zach Bremen Matt “Spaz” McCan Mike Brandl
Geniesa Tay Mike Frost

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Aili Langseth Alex Stepan AndyG
Anonymous Anonymous The Bellmar Boys
Beth Duncan Bip Roberts Blake Harvey
Buxx Game Studio Carrie Cecilia Hardacker & Tonya Hart
Chad Cheryl and Roy Chris Foss
CTrieu Damiano Debiagi Dave Wirkiowski
Dave Zajac David McCammond-Watts Denise & Warren
Donald Cotter The Dreaded Greek Entertainment Game Apps, Inc
Ex1st Games Greg Hardy Jim Huber
Jeanne Jensen John Bell John Paul Walter
John R Johnson and Fine, Ltd. Jonathan Edwards
Julia Adams Justin Petertil Justin Robinson
Ken Watson Kg Laurie & Pete Taylor
Madge Laitala Manuel Ingeland Margo
Mario Munar Mary Frost Matthew Demski
Mitch Schroeder Move Rate 20 Games Peity
Nick Meyer Nick Sauer Raimund Ruppel
rjmeyer2 Rouw Family Sam, G, and Annie
Scott Kenemore Scott Moore Shannon Copp
Sophie Lagacé and Edmund Metheny Stephanie Salant Stewart J. Becker
Wes Makin


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We’re humbled and overjoyed by the support we got for our first game. Thank you very much!