As part of the community activity for our CROMLECH Kickstarter, we’re asking our backers and fans to help determine which four factions will appear in the game.  The voting will occur in two rounds, as follows:

  • Oct 23rd – begin voting on the first block of five factions. Top two move on to the final round.
  • Oct 26th – second block of five factions. Top two move on to the final round.
  • Oct 30th – third block of five factions. Top two move on to the final round.
  • Nov 2nd – Voting round 1 on the backer-generated faction – ONLY BACKERS CAN VOTE
  • Nov 6th 8th- Voting showdown for top 3 of the six top picks – ONLY BACKERS CAN VOTE
  • Nov 11th – Voting round to select the backer-generated faction. – ONLY BACKERS CAN VOTE

Here are the second five factions to choose from.  Remember that the top two vote-getters will move on to the next round of voting:

General Talfryn General Talfryn – (military faction)

A giant of a man with a firm leadership style, General Talfryn led the Land Armies of Draig under Alwan. When the king keeled over, a sizable portion of those armies immediately pledged their fealty to Talfryn. His assurances that life under his rule will be very comfortable for soldiers had nothing to do with it.

Geldis The Kingdom of Geldes – (foreign faction)
Across the narrow Severing Sea lies the Kingdom of Geldes, filled with spiteful people whose hardscrabble existence makes the sunny pastures of Draig seem awfully nice. The boots of their military have darkened the coast of Draig many times over the ages, turning Draig’s farmland into battlefields. With King Alwan dead, they’ve launched raiding parties with an altogether bigger goal.
Red Claw The Red Claw – (religious faction)

The High Priest of the Temple of Vortigern has long yearned for the religious oligarchy of days past, when Dragon Knights fought for the faith, and answered to the High Priest.  The Red Claw would see them  return to their role as defenders of the faith, and hunters of heretics.

Sir Erthal Sir Erthal – (popular faction)

This brave and battle-tested Dragon Knight seeks to use his power, prestige, and Dragon to see to it that the needs of the people take precedent over the desires of the wealthy.  His popular rabble have brought him much acclaim, but their military might is a bit underdeveloped.

Golden Waves The Golden Waves – (merchant faction)

The Merchant fleet of Draig rules the sea, bringing economic might and a surprisingly well-armed fleet of trade ships to their bid for power.  The shadowy web of foreign business concerns backing their campaign has not made its intentions clear, perhaps even to the Golden Waves themselves.

This poll will close Monday morning, November 2nd.

Have your own idea for a faction for CROMLECH? Go to the Cromlech page, back us if you haven’t done so yet, and post a comment in the comment sections of one of the voting updates. (Even if you haven’t decided to get the game yet, you could back for $1 to participate in the voting!)