As part of the community activity for our CROMLECH Kickstarter, we’re asking our backers and fans to help determine which four factions will appear in the game. The voting will occur in two rounds, as follows:

  • Oct 23rd – begin voting on the first block of five factions. Top two move on to the final round.
  • Oct 26th – second block of five factions. Top two move on to the final round.
  • Oct 30th – third block of five factions. Top two move on to the final round.
  • Nov 2nd – Voting round 1 on the backer-generated faction – ONLY BACKERS CAN VOTE
  • Nov 6th 8th- Voting showdown for top 3 of the six top picks – ONLY BACKERS CAN VOTE
  • Nov 11th – Voting round to select the backer-generated faction. – ONLY BACKERS CAN VOTE

Here are the third five factions to choose from. Remember that the top two vote-getters will move on to the next round of voting:

DUKE CADELL Duke Cadell – (royal contender)

One of the few people no one suspects of wrongdoing in Alwan’s final days, Duke Cadell was the King’s beloved friend, right hand, and Lord Counselor. He claims the throne by right of friendship, proclaiming that he intends to carry on the legacy of his fallen friend. Few doubt he will, but that doesn’t mean they’re backing down.

BONTAGUS Bontagus, Emerald Cloak – (religious faction)

The founder of an offshoot of the main Druidic mage cult, Bontagus believes the Druids are the rightful rulers of Draig.  His army shines with imbued magic, and what they lack in numbers, they make up for in deadly spellcraft. But the biggest unknown is what it would mean for the land to be ruled by the Emerald Cloak.

PRINCESS MABYN Princess Mabyn – (royal contender)

As Alwan’s fraternal sister, Princess Mabyn probably has the best claim to the throne. But she would see Draig return to the brutal reign of monarchs who spoke with the breath of flame and answered questions with the bite of steel. As fearsome as any leader, when her army passes, the earth itself shudders.

ADMIRAL YORATH Admiral Yorath – (military faction)

Alwan’s admiral over the air (Dragon Knights) and sea forces of Draig has always resented his position, yearning for royal title and the honor it bestows.  He claims to seek control of the kingdom only until succession can be fairly resolved, but many believe a man with an army of Dragon Knights will find a way to stay in power, once there.

ISLES OF BLOOD The Isles of Blood – (foreign faction)

The sea-faring folk of Draig have long since learned to avoid one particular patch of the sea whose denizens strike fear into the hearts of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path. But now the pirates, brigands, cutthroats, raiders, and savages of the Isles of Blood amass a conquering army, with its sights set on the biggest prize of all.

This poll will close Thursday night, November 5th.

Have your own idea for a faction for CROMLECH? Go to the Cromlech page, back us if you haven’t done so yet, and post a comment in the comment sections of one of the voting updates. (Even if you haven’t decided to get the game yet, you could back for $1 to participate in the voting!)