Getting the necessary signatures to build the elevated train took both cash and guile.” – Charles Yerkes


The city planning commission meets tomorrow to approve the next stretch of the elevated train system, running from Wabash to Madison streets here in Chicago, the windy city.  The new plans that were filed today would cut off the Blue line in favor of the Green, a change that won’t help you or your partners at all. You brainstorm a bit and then find the solution — a crossover! Bring the Blue line to the outer edge of the loop, and let the Green run its course on the inside track. You file the plans and walk over to the bustling construction site, smiling at the sound of hammers striking rivets and men shouting to one another. It’s the sound of money.


It is the 1880’s, and Chicago is rebuilding after the great fire. The skeleton at the center of the city’s rejuvenation is the new elevated train system that goes in a circle around the downtown commercial district. People are already calling this district “The Loop.” In this game, you play a city power broker, working with others to build the loop while secretly advancing one particular line. But hide which line you work for, because everyone is scheming for a big piece of this corruption pie.

In the Loop cards and setup

Playing In The Loop

In the Loop is a 2-5 player game of puzzle building, tactical planning, and secret motives.  On your turn, you will add three cards to the map being built in the center of the table. One of these, the route card, adds stations and changes the configurations of the lines. The other two cards extend the lines themselves, adding progress to the Red line, for example, at the expense of Yellow. Then you will pass line cards to the next player. And watch out for the Graft card — another player might take out your line and replace it with another. At the end of the game, the player who has made their line the most profitable wins.

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