valorcon-WhiteLogoSolid200We’re pleased to announce that Rattlebox Games will have a developer’s table at Valorcon 2015, from October 16-18 at Block 37 in downtown Chicago.  Drop by the table and say hello!  We’re slated to appear at developer table 302.

At the con, we will have three different games on hand to try out:

  • You can try Cromlech, our tableau-drafting dice battle game in which you use magic to attack other wizards’ stone circles, and defend your own.  We will have limited numbers of our high-quality prototype available for purchase, if the game grabs you.
  • You can also Hide the Havarti, our micro-game of memory and cheese-hiding.  Can you keep the snooping Inspecteur from finding your cheese?
  • We’ll also be showing off our next project, Kingdom of Draig, still in rough prototype. You’ll play a dragon egg merchant, harvesting and selling magical eggs to would-be dragon riders.  Come try this game of economic manipulation and worker placement.

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Come Say Hello at ValorCon