We posted our third Kickstarter update today.  We’ve just passed 33%.  Keep spreading the word!

We envision several uses for these dice:

  • Mega-magic – add them to the game to guarantee that you nearly always have the magic you need without limit. Under the current rules, you can’t roll more than four dice of the same color. With the double set, that limit is effectively removed.  (Note: with VERY skillful lintel-building, you could manage to roll 9 of the same dice at once, so you could still hit a limit of eight dice from a single color. If you ever manage this, please send us a pic of your Cromlech.)
  • Double Duel – an extra set of dice is all you need to split your Cromlech set into two two-player games.
  • Deluxe PNP – If you’re backing at the PNP level, these dice will trick out your set. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. If you’re outside the U.S., send us a message when you back and we’ll let you know the shipping for the dice by themselves.

Check it out over at the Cromlech Kickstarter Page

Kickstarter Update 3: Extra Dice confirmed