Episode Description:
Rob and Brendan are joined by Marty for a discussion that includes such topics as what they have been playing, what is going on for Rattlebox Games, and finish off with some recommendations.

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Show Notes:
Games we’ve been playing

State of the Rattlebox – Explore this website for more information about our games in development!

  • Cromlech – being printed/produced now
Cromlech Components Preview
Cromlech Components Preview
  • In the Loop – hidden identity puzzle card laying game, the next public project from us, kickstarting late Spring 2017
  • Egg Merchants of Draig – economic worker placement game with role selection, likely kickstarting late Autumn 2017
  • Something Wakes in the Forest – horror themed area control game, slated for late Summer 2018

Other recommendations:

Next Episode’s subject: The shelf of opportunity (games you bought but haven’t played yet)

RGP S1E7 – The State of Rattlebox Addressed