041: Top of the Stack May 2018

Brendan discusses his game plays in April, reports on his last top of the stack and reveals the new one, and does a 10 for 10 update. Games! Games! Games!

  • Brendan’s Top of the Stack Geeklist
  • Games mentioned (other than those below): Potion Explosion, Welcome to the Dungeon, Roll for the Galaxy, Race for the galaxy, Mythos Tales
  • New to me games: Sagrada, Not Alone, Empires of the Void 2

Top of the stack and play report:

Concluded April top of the stack, April 2018:
– Ravenous River (played 4/30)
– Alexandria
– Crows Overkill (played 4/13)

Top of the stack May 2018:
– Alexandria
– Unreal Estate
– Stronghold (2nd edition)

The ten for ten is coming along. I’ve italicized the game(s) that we’ve made 10 plays of.

Gloomhaven (12)
Stuffed Fables (6)
Pandemic: Legacy Sn 2 (5)
Ex Libris (3)
Century: Golem Edition (7)
Terra Mystica (3)
Arkham Horror LCG (0)
Mottainai (0)
Roll for the Galaxy (0)
Via Nebula (0)

What do you do with games of which you’ve exhausted the gameplay?
Let us know over on BoardGameGeek in our Guild, #3269.

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