PU&D 167 – DUEL – Gizmos vs. Century

Brendan brings back the “DUEL” format to pit Gizmos and Century: Golem Edition in a head-to-head commentary brawl. Tune in for the blow by blow!

What is your experience of Century or Gizmos? Which do you like better? Do you know another “light- to middle-weight engine builder” that compares to these? What games would you suggest for future DUEL episodes? Pop over to Boardgame Geek guild #3269 and let us know.

Bonus question of the episode: Have you heard enough about the Martin Wallace game, London (2nd Edition)?

PU&D 167: DUEL – Gizmos vs. Century: Golem Edition
Pick Up & Deliver 167: DUEL – Gizmos vs. Century Golem
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