Day 12

Rob and Brendan welcome Ambie Valdés from Board Game Blitz to help listeners decide how to vote in these two titanic rumbles.

In Bout 7 of Round 2, we ask the deep question: Gambling or Worker Placement? It’s Camel Up! vs Lords of Waterdeep

Bout 8 gets even saucier! Classic co-op puzzler Pandemic goes up against the reigning monarch of Boardgamegeek, Gloomhaven.

Check out Board Game Blitz, Ambie’s Youtube channel of board game parody songs, or try out an 18xx game online! Thanks for joining us, Ambie!

Round 2, Bouts 7 & 8
Day 12
(Game Fight Show) March Mayhem 2021 ep12: Round 2, Bouts 7 & 8
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