Game Fight Show ep 18

A brief statement regarding the recent attacks against Asian Americans:
The horrific attacks against the Asian American community in the last few weeks offer a stark reminder of the kind of hate that has become all too commonplace in American culture in the last year. We at Rattlebox Games denounce inequality and hate, in all its forms, as it appears everywhere. In particular, America has to reckon with its vile history of systemic racism, and we all must do the hard work to cultivate a different kind of world. Here are some resources to learn more and help:

Rattlebox Games also recommends resources the important work being done by Black Lives Matter and the Human Rights Campaign.

And back to our normal nonsense:
Rob and Brendan are back for the second bout of the March Mayhem semi-finals. And they’ve brought with them the powerhouse commentator from XYZ Game Labs, Lauren Nepomuceno. Join us as we help one another help you help your favorite game win its bout. We lay out all the reasons you might vote for Lords of Waterdeep, then all the reasons you might vote for Wingspan, then throw up our hands in frustration.

Here’s the bracket as of this episode:

gfs21 ep18
GFS 18
(Game Fight Show) March Mayhem 2021 ep18: Round 4, Bout 2
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