PU&D 317: March Mayhem Breakdown

Brendan shares his thoughts, highs and lows, about the March Mayhem tournament held recently on the Game Fight Show podcast.

  • Game Fight Show podcast
    • Jason Brooks, Legacies
    • Andrew Nerger, Canvas
    • Paul Booth, Board Games as Media
    • Ambie Valdes, Board Game Blitz
    • Christina Rouse, Blue Peg Pink Peg
    • Nick Mariner, “The Good Mariner”
    • Jonathan Edwards, Forgot My Dice
    • Ben Moy, Dancing Meeples
    • Keith Matejka, Thunderworks Games
    • Lauren Nepomecino, XYZ Game Labs

What did you think about the March Mayhem tournament? Join the conversation about it over on Boardgamegeek in guild #3269.

PU&D317: March Mayhem Breakdown
Pick Up & Deliver 317: March Mayhem Breakdown
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