Cromlech web bannerWar Among the Druids

King Alwan is dead and the Kingdom of Draig has been torn asunder. Year after year, the dragon-riding knights of King Alwan’s former court clash in bloody battle in the skies over Draig. The mystical forces that give dragons flight and imbue magical weapons with astonishing power play a key role in these battles, and woe be to Lords who go into battle without their own cabal of Druids wielding the elements for their army.

But four times each year, when the seasons are in flux, the world’s magic surges, crackling in the air with deadly potential. On these days, the Druids don the mantle of war, calling down torrents of wind and rain, conjuring firestorms that scorch the
land, and shaking the earth itself.

Stones crack. Mages fall. Kingdoms are lost. And won.

Defensive Druid Card 2

Build your circle.

Roll your dice.

Destroy your enemies.




Playing Cromlech

In Cromlech, you control a cabal of four Druids, each of whom specializes in either Fire/Air magic or Earth/Water magic.  You start each Year by constructing a stone circle of four pairs of standing stones, gariadons, and then use the magic (dice) from those stones to attack your enemies or build up your defenses.  You’ll need to pick carefully and roll well, though, to balance aggression and defense, and to do the most damage to your enemies.  Each game Year has four Seasons for a total of 12 turns, and takes approximately 20-30 minutes per player.