March Mayhem 2021, Ep 01: Round 1, Bouts 1 & 2

The 2021 March Mayhem Tournament has begun, and it starts off with two barn-burning bouts. Get out there and vote, vote, vote!

Bout 1: The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine vs Betrayal at House on the Hill
It’s a co-op space-themed trick-taking game against a traitorous horror-themed adventure game. Which is more intriguing? The cold dark of space or the chilling unknown hiding behind the closed doors?

Bout 2: Brass: Birmingham vs Great Western Trail
These two titans didn’t meet in last year’s tournament, but Brass: Birmingham got to the semi-finals, while Great Western Trail got knocked out in the quarter-finals. But the cowboys on the trail are another year older and wiser. Will this give them the edge to out-play the beer-soaked industrialists from Birmingham?

Check out the tournament bracket:

Round 1, Bouts 1 & 2

Check out our commentary on these first two bouts. Then go vote, vote, vote!

Round 1, Bouts 1 & 2
(Game Fight Show) March Mayhem 2021 ep01: Round 1, Bouts 1 & 2