Episode 9

Round 2 of the March Mayhem tournament starts off with a pair of cataclysmic battles. We’re joined by Jason Brooks of @BrookspunGames to talk about the monumental battles: Brass Birmingham vs The Crew and Everdell vs Twilight Imperium 4.

Bout 1 brings the beer-soaked industrial revolution game Brass Birmingham up against the sleek space-themed coop The Crew in a titanic clash of fan favorites.

Bout 2 is even frostier, pitting the renaissance-era animalfolk of Everdell against the fantastical space-creatures of Twilight Imperium 4. Who will come out on top?

Check out the bracket before you listen to the show:

Join us, won’t you?

Round 2, Episode 9
(Game Fight Show) March Mayhem 2021 ep09: Round 2, Bouts 1 & 2
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