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Frequently-Asked Questions about Cromlech

Last update: 1 December 2015

Does each player build their own stone circle?

Yes.  Each person builds their own circle, and places their druid at the center of it.  The player’s circle generates the power they have to use on the battlefield.

How many dice do I roll in Year One?

Two. You may end up rolling one or two more if you’re lucky in building lintels, but by default you only roll two in the first year.  In the second year the default amount is six.

In the Divination phase, what happens if I roll an element symbol?

That’s up to your group. We usually play that the element symbol counts as just another face.  We call out “Rune!” when the spirits tell us that the element symbol is going to be the next result. Feel free to house rule this if your group prefers a different result.

If I’ve used all my druids, can I re-use one during the Build phase to change druids?

No. Once you have swapped out a druid, the only way it can come back into play is if you have used all your remaining druids, and the current druid is killed.

If I lose all my druids, am I out of the game?

No. While you cannot take any more actions, your score pile still counts, and if you were effective throughout the game, you may still have won.  Remember, you’re fighting for your Liege’s army, not yourself. Your achievements in death may have bought victory on another front.

Can you attack an empty circle?

No. An empty circle occurs when a player has lost all their druids in battle.  At this point, there is no mage to harness the energy of the Cromlech and it is no longer a target.  Remember that you’re fighting across vast distances–you can only target enemies harnessing the power of their own Cromlech.

Can I attack my own Cromlech?

While there might be times where the math of this maneuver would make sense, it’s anti-thematic. So no, you may not attack your own Cromlech.

Do I have to let my opponents count my score pile?

Yes. Scores are public information.  We recommend you keep your score pile in front of you where it’s easy for other people to see.