We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Rattlebox Games Podcast feed. Our goal is to regularly publish two full-length podcasts and one short podcast.

The three podcasts we’re launching are:

  • The Rattlebox Games Board Game podcast – a general discussion about board games, mechanisms, and design. (bi-weekly)
  • A Matter of Draig – a real play Dungeons and Dragons podcast hosted by Rob Huber. (bi-weekly, released on the off-weeks from the RGBG podcast)
  • Install from Heap – a short Netrunner podcast hosted by Brendan Riley. (bi-weekly, released on Fridays).

The first month of our feed is now live.  Visit our feed at Spreaker:

You can also find it in many podcasty places such as iTunes or Google Play.

Join us!

Announcing the Rattlebox Games podcast feed!