Free Print-and-Play games

Cromlech Try-it-out (Silly prototype art)
During our Kickstarter for Cromlech, we released a free print-and-play version of the game. It isn’t that pretty, but if you want to try the game before you buy it, here’s your chance.

TLA (Three-Letter Acronym)
TLA is a free party game we created and released in the holiday season of 2016. Check it out.

Secret Krampus
Secret Krampus is a free social deduction game we remixed from Secret Hitler and released in the holiday season of 2018. Check it out.

Christmas Trees for Sail
Work together to buy and sell Christmas trees to buy presents for needy children. In the works for a long time, we finished it and released it in the holiday season of 2020. Check it out.

Foamcore Insert plans

Foamcore is a stiff material, usually sold in 3mm or 5mm thickness, often used to make presentation boards. Some people, our own Brendan Riley included, use foam core to make inserts for their games, as a way to help organize/hold the pieces and to facilitate setting up the game. Included here are plans we’ve released to make your own version of these inserts. (A tip of the hat to the fine folks at Pub Meeple for their excellent tutorials and foam core builds already available.)

Last Will
You may play a millionaire in the game, but that doesn’t mean you have beaucoup bucks to waste on buying an insert, so why not make your own?

Last Will insert photo
This nifty tile-laying game can be a real bear to set up, but with this handy insert, you’ll be housing these cuddly kill monsters before you can say “Goldilocks.”

Barenpark Foam Core Insert
A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game
This Colonial-era adventure game has a spooky amount of expansions, and the prospect of keeping them in their original boxes is downright scary.

 A Touch of Evil foam core