Brendan shares one of this year’s goals – his family’s 20×5 challenge, in which they pick twenty games to play five times each this year.

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  • My challenges geeklist
  • My current Top of the Stack (which includes the 20×5 list)
  • Games by category:
    • Recently played (7): The Final Flicktier; Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot; The Adventurers; Nanty Narking; It’s a Wonderful World; Lovelace & Babbage; Everdell
    • Aspirational games (5): Elysium, Trickerion, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Orleans, Shakespeare, Roll for the Galaxy
    • Nostalgia (4): Miskatonic School for Girls, Stuffed Fables, Roll for the Galaxy, Ex Libris
    • Big games (2): Pulsar 2849, Brass, Trickerion*
    • Light games (2): Oh My Goods!, The Bloody Inn

What challenges have you set for yourself this year? Head over to Boardgame Geek guild #3269 and let us know!

PU&D202: Twenty by Five
Pick Up & Deliver 202: Twenty by Five
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