With four founders, Rattlebox Games overflows with early ideas.  Some of these are games that have been prototyped, tested, and are on their way to being full offerings.  Others are fleeting glimpses of ideas, games we’re toying with but haven’t picked up seriously yet.  Want to know more? Email the creator and ask.  We’d love to hear from you!

Important note: Everything on this page is in development, and subject to significant change.


Something Wakes in the Forest – 2-5 players, 45-90 minutes

Designer: Brendan Riley

something-wakes-sliderThere’s a reason the locals don’t camp in those woods. Bad things happen there.

In Something Wakes in the Forest, you play as a fledgling daemonic being, doing your best to corrupt the city slickers and hedonists who rent the cabins around Dread lake. Send your cultists to corrupt the campers, to recruit them to your cause, or to sacrifice them so you can harvest their life force. The first demon to gather enough power wins the game.

Hide the Havarti – 2-6 players, 15-30 minutes
Designer: Brendan Riley

hide-the-havarti-sliderEmperor Napoleon has banned the import or fermentation of the famous Dutch cheese, but as an intrepid (and stubborn) French fromageur (cheese-maker), you have been making it anyway. But the Inspecteur is snooping around your farm, and you need to do your best to hide the havarti.

In this bluffing game, each player takes turns as the Inspecteur, looking for the opponent’s cheese among the cards they’ve played on the table. As Inspecteur, you get a point for each cheese stash you find. As a player, you get a point for each round you manage to keep the cheese hidden. The player with the most points after two rounds wins!

Unnamed Baking Game
Designer: Marty McGowan

Baking gameCompete with other bakers to craft the most delicious pastries, cookies, and other baked goods in this card game. Acquire ingredients, build recipes, stiff your opponents with difficult flavors, and wow the judges to win!

Broken Unicorn 2-4 players
Designers: Rob Huber and Brendan Riley

broken unicornThe colony ship Brokard’s UNICORN is undergoing an identity crisis – the esteemed leader has died and the leaders of each colony faction are competing to take the helm. But the ship’s very well-being depends on you working with one another and sharing resources.