Jason Bennett and the Resistance

(From Brendan)

This might be a bit of a conundrum.  The old stereotype of nerds huddling inside on nice sunny days isn’t entirely without merit, in part because of all the valuable cardboard bits our games have — we don’t want chlorine from the pool on them!  But just because you’re in fresh air doesn’t mean you need to leave the hobby at home.

So what would be some fun games to play outside?  Here are some considerations:

  • Take the ‘board’ out of ‘board game.’  Needing a table or flat surface to hold a board with all its fiddly bits is probably going to be too much.  Think about games you could play without a board, or even a table?
  • Get up and get moving.  Which games let you move, or get you moving? Party games and big group games might be the answer here.
  • Simple to teach.  There’s a reason your professors didn’t want to have class outside — we all get distracted by the birds overhead or the bugs on our leg. So pick games you can explain quickly and without too much fuss.

Here are my top three choices:

  • Love Letter.  Sure, you need a space to put the card, but you could always have people hold their cards up, and the princess’ tokens can be something less easily lost than those tiny red cubes.
  • Fiasco. The collaborative storytelling aspect of this game makes it a great “sit around a fire” kind of game.  If you have one person keep track of the dice or other bits, you could easily play Fiasco without a table.
  • Two Rooms and a Boom (or The Resistance, or One Night Ultimate Werewolf).  These hidden-role deception games are great for groups, they require little (or no) board space, and they’re very social.  Perfect for a barbeque or camp fire.

Now leave your Euro games at home and go play outside.  I’ll be waiting when you get back.

Best board games to play outside?
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