Day 10

We’re approaching the mid-point of round two and things keep getting hotter! We are joined today by the ever-delightful Andrew Nerger of @R2iGames to discuss the big showdowns: Race for the Galaxy vs Ticket to Ride Castles of Burgundy vs. Azul

Bout 3 brings the thinky card game Race for the Galaxy up against the welcoming game Ticket to Ride. Will you get on the train or the rocket?

Bout 4 is even hotter, with two crunchy Euros duking it out for a place in the quarterfinals. Will Feld outmaneuver Kiesling, or will the gorgeous tile layer get the upper hand?

Check out today’s bracket:

Day 10

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Day 10
(Game Fight Show) March Mayhem 2021 ep10: Round 2, Bouts 3 & 4
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